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Industry sectors

We deliver the steel you need!

Whether mechanical engineering, machining industry, automobile construction or elevator construction: We offer an efficient solution for every branch and every application and help you to save time and costs.

Depending on the requirements, we offer all thermal and mechanical separation processes as well as all machining processes – from blasting and straightening to bending and drilling. In addition, we regularly carry special items such as odd dimensions or coil ends. No matter what is wanted: anything is possible. And everything from one source.

All important industries at a glance:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Machining industry
  • Automotive
  • Post-tensioning technology
  • Civil engineering / special civil engineering
  • Wind power
  • Elevator
  • Steel trading

Quality / Grade

Steel in all qualities

Flame cuttings/Oxygen cuttings, Plasma- and laser cuttings

S235JR+N, S235J2+N, S355JR+AR, S355J2+N, S355K2+N

S275NL, S355NL, S355ML, S460NL, S460ML
P265GH, P295GH, P355GH, 16Mo3, 13CRMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10, P275NH, P275NL1, P275NL2, P355N, P355NH, P355NL1, P355NL2, P460NH, P460NL, P460NL2
S690QL, S690QL1, S890QL, S960QL (Aldur, Dillimax, Naxtra, XABO)
Corten A, Corten B, S355J0WP, S355J2WP (Cortenstahl)
HB300, HB400, HB450, HB500, HB600 (Abrazo, Brinar, Dillidur, Durostat, Fora, Hardox, RAEX, XAR), CR4800, CR8000 (Creusabro), X120Mn12 (Hartmanganstahl)
SA516 Gr. 60, SA516 Gr. 70, SA387 Gr. 11, SA387 Gr. 12, SA387 Gr. 22, SA387 Gr. 5 Cl. 2